about our company

I hate vacations. If you can build buildings, why sit on the beach? -Philip Johnson

we believe in the philosophy of creating good quality spaces in villa format that are stemmed upon providing greater communities in the luxury of nature,space and most advanced customisable amenities.

Sach Homes meteoric growth has made it one of kerala's most sought after "villa centric" trusted builder to offer luxury residences at affordable rates

our story

We have set villa lovers abuzz when we completed our first project in 2017. We been in search for the right property post our first project in trivandrum keeping our deep rooted concepts in tropical modernism.we were unable to find the right property for the construction of our most prestigious villa in tha capital city .Then came the concept of constructing the first professionally built villa project in Anchal town understanding the potential of the market and its gap thus born "Sach UpperCrest".Sach UpperCrest was designed on the Tropical modernism keeping interlocked drive ways,common space for children and elders.Personalised gymnasium,home theatre designed and calibrated by Film Director Lijin Jose,interior finishes which are better than the best.Despite situated on Anchal Town,being the first project of its kind,we were able to sell the units before construction finished.

only the best

We ensure that the industry's leading experts and talents work for us
We ensure that our homes are built to the highest quality standards,which surpasses existing industry standards
As tropical architeture demands,we ensure maximum usage of natural materials that goes to construction from brick to finishing teak wood
By selling villas we ensure choosing and as well maintenance of communities
We work to ensure that your new home is built as per specified standards and with properquality control till it gets finished and handed over to you
We ensure that your homes are a perfect blend of functionality and a class with optimal use of space
Designed by keeping the holistic development of kids first in the community